Land And Scape

I've been working on Land And Scape since April 2013, and its purpose and process evolves everyday. I study chance through unique interdisciplinary experiments to reflect my spontaneous nature. Land And Scape started with me recognizing organic shapes in a rough watercolour wash I created in my sketchbook with leftover paints some weeks prior. Today, I continue to divide colours using line to create shapes.

Land And Scape is a process of mapping territories. I used to called it the maps of my imagination. Designing the Land is only a brief part of the process; it's the painting created intuitively through chance. I map that Land with pen drawing, creating the Scape. Unlike creating the Land, the process of mapping is time-consuming and extremely meditating.

My favourite part of Land And Scape is that, because of the spontaneous process, I never know what my work will look like.

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